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Food Drive

Choir is hosting a Food Drive beginning on Monday Oct. 9 through Friday Oct. 20.  

We still have many people in our community that are displaced and in need.

Suggested items the Huffman Food Pantry

needs on a regular basis:

o Canned Vegetables & Tomatoes

o Canned Meats

o Canned Soup & Ramen

o Canned Ravioli/Pastas

o Dry Pasta / Mac & Cheese

o Spaghetti & Sauces

o Dry Beans & Rice

o Cereal

o Peanut Butter & Jelly

o Sugar & Flour

o Vegetable Oil

o Dry Milk

The Food Pantry of FBC Huffman provides food assistance to Huffman area residents. First Baptist Church Huffman is not a government assisted agency. All available resources are a result of donations. Huffman Food Pantry is located at 25503 FM 2100, Huffman TX 77336. 

OPEN: Tuesday & Thursday from 9:00 a.m.-Noon