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Bulletin Board » HHS Fall 2017 Exemption Guidelines

HHS Fall 2017 Exemption Guidelines

HHS Exam Exemption Guidelines

Fall 2017 

Students will be eligible to work for Fall exam exemptions in all courses. Students must meet all criteria per course in order to be eligible for exemptions in that course.

·        Grades:  Student must be passing the course with at least a 75 for the fall semester.

·        Discipline:  Students must not have received more than 2 days of ISS, out of school suspension or a DAEP placement during the fall semester.

·        Falcon Points: Students must have accumulated at least 30 Falcon Points

·        Attendance:  Students may have no more than 3 absences for the 1st semester for the course being exempted.

o   Students may purchase up to two additional absences, for a maximum of 5, using falcon points earned through our Hero program. Falcon points are earned by wearing your student ID, completing homework, exhibiting great character, being in dress code, and other positive behaviors to be determined by teachers.

§  50   Total Falcon Points = 1 additional absence

§  70   Total Falcon Points = 2 additional absences

All absences will be considered when determining exemption status with the exception of the following:

                -Senior College Days

                -School related activities

                -Doctors’ Notes

                -Funeral for a family member or close friend (students are expected to bring a copy of the

                 funeral notification)

In the event of an extenuating circumstance, an appeal may be filed with the student’s Assistant Principal. In addition, all attendance questions should be directed to your student’s Assistant Principal.