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Monday, August 28th-1st Day of School....Student Holiday on Monday, September 4th.

Welcome to our Clinic

Welcome to the Clinic

School Nurse:  Holly Oliphant, RN

Clinic Hours:  7:00 am - 3:15 pm



We had a very powerful alcohol awareness presentation this week that discussed how the choices you make every day can affect the rest of your life. Click on the Links below for more information:

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We will also had a "Lunch and Learn" time for all students with Texas A&M University: Watch UR BAC (blood alcohol concentration).  Students were able to rotate through 2 areas during lunch time where received information about the effects of alcohol.  They were able to wear goggles that simulate the effects of alcohol and try to perform various tasks including driving a DWI prevention simulator. The simulator is used to demonstrate the effect of alcohol and other drugs on driving skills. Through a video game atmosphere, drivers experience obstacles and hazards to simulate those that one might encounter if driving impaired. Fatal Vision© goggles, which distort vision, are worn by the driver during the simulation experience to further duplicate the effect of alcohol or other drugs on one’s vision.


For more information about "Watch UR BAC programs" through Texas A&M:


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Huffman ISD welcomes you to our SafeSchools Alert incident reporting system.