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FAT Camp has been cancelled for Thursday, June 22nd due to weather. Camp will resume on Monday, June 26th.
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¡Bienvenídos a Español!


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For current course info, see itslearning.com!

I maintain course information on itslearning.com. The site is for Huffman ISD. Log in with the same credentials as student or parent portal. Select Course 1, 3PAP, or 4AP

Find Sra. Acker on itslearning.com

For the 2016-2017 school year, please log in to itslearning.com through the student portal.

Cajas de cartón study questions

Study questions go with Cajas de Cartón. The book is required summer reading for 2016-2017 AP4 students and suggested reading for anyone who wants to try reading a Spanish novel. If you missed getting a copy from me, the book is available on Amazon.

Summer Spanish Practice for All!

Join the group "Estudiantes Extraordinarios" on Edmodo and participate in Spanish communication with me and others. No judgment! No grade!
Use group code: mh8ed7

2017 AP4 Summer Assignment

Read Cajas de Cartón by Francisco Jiménez. Be prepared to discuss and write about the story and its characters when school starts. You may borrow or purchase a book from me if you see me by Friday, June 3rd. Otherwise, the book is available on Amazon. You may download a study guide from the 4AP page that will take you through the book page by page. The study guide is for your benefit. I will not grade it, but it may be essential for you to complete it in order to understand the Spanish novel.