Hargrave High School

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FAT Camp has been cancelled for Thursday, June 22nd due to weather. Camp will resume on Monday, June 26th.
Nani Heslep » Art I, II, III, IV.....Ceramics I & II & III.....Photography....AP 2-D Design, AP Drawing, AP 3-D

Art I, II, III, IV.....Ceramics I & II & III.....Photography....AP 2-D Design, AP Drawing, AP 3-D

An exciting year of art making lies ahead for all of us. WELCOME. Jump right in and let's create!

"A work of art is not a matter of thinking beautiful thoughts or experiencing tender emotions (though those are its raw materials), but of intelligence, skill, taste, proportion, knowledge, discipline and industry; especially discipline."

- Evelyn Waugh


          For me, art colors my world. I like the idea of art acting as a vehicle. It has served as one for me as I explore the art and history of other cultures and the uniqueness of the people who have created those cultures. In order to understand the art, one inevitably develops an appreciation for the people. In today’s world full of prejudice and intolerance, an understanding and acceptance of others is a worthy quality.

            As students learn about art careers, they find that working artists draw from observation, practice their craft and research their subject, just as writers do. Students should come to realize that these various facets of working with art are part of the process.

           I enjoy making art: the physical process of painting, drawing, gluing, printing, getting my hands immersed in clay. Experimentation and openness to discovery is an exciting part of making art for me.  Photography is mostly about design, and it takes a trained eye to "see" a good photograph, and sometimes luck and timing to make it happen.  Modern photography also embraces the technological skills found in photo editing, such as Photoshop, although there are many editing applications out there.

          Teaching is all about students: I like their laughter, sometimes their silliness, their cleverness, and their fresh discovery of the world. I’m not sure how to reach each of them, but I want to try to let each student know that they have potential and worth. I want to find ways that students can develop or improve art skills. I want to find ways that students can become better people, learn the importance of respect for others, and that they can use art to communicate about things that are meaningful to them.