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CTE Career and Technical Education

The mission of Huffman ISD’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) program is to offer quality instructional opportunities as part of the students’ academic and career-oriented high school curriculum and empower students with life-long learning opportunities to prepare them in their chosen career.

The goal is to ensure that students are prepared to succeed in post-secondary education and in a world that is increasingly oriented toward high skilled jobs.


CTE Faculty

Stephanie Young
Graphic Art Design 1 & 2
Yearbook 1 & 2
Principles of Art
Audio Video Technology
Scott Barrett
Audio Video Technology
AV Production 1
DAT 1 & 2
Karen Brasher-Hinds
Principles of Applied Engineering
Robotics 1 & 2
Engineering Design & Presentation
Katherine Coker
Equine/Small Animal
Animal Science
Vet Med
Charlie Duke
Pract in AFNR
Agriculture Mechanics & Metal Tech
Ag Structures
Mackliney Kay
Agriculture Mechanics & Metal Tech
Career Prep
Kim Walker
Floral Design
Ag Math
Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
Julie Gatlin
Global Virtual Business
William Boothe
Business Management
Principles of Business, Marketing, & Finance
Chasity Rankin
Business Law
Roger Watson
Principles of Construction
Construction Tech
Pract in Construction
Jerad May
Culinary Arts
Intro to Culinary
Practicum of Culinary
Graceanna Simpson
Prac in Education & Teaching
Anatomy & Physiology
Amanda Slack
Comm/Tech Education
Instructional Practices & Education Training
Principles of Education & Training
Lauren Stewart
Health Science Theory & Clinical
Health Science Theory
Principles of Health Science
Practicum of Health Science 2
Rachel Hicks
Principles of Law
Law Enforcement 1 & 2