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Endorsements & Program of Studies

Huffman ISD CTE believes that the curricula of the 21st century should combine rigorous academics with relevant career education. When schools integrate academic and technical education, students can see the “usefulness” of what they are learning. The system also facilitates a seamless transition from secondary to post-secondary opportunities.  

There are 9 Career Clusters with 12 Program of Study options for students to choose from.  A Career Cluster is a grouping of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. Programs of Study (POS) have been developed for each of the Career Clusters. The POS represent a recommended sequence of coursework based on a student’s interest or career goal that will also help them in achieving an endorsement upon graduation.  

If you are needing basic information about endorsements, program of studies and certifications offered, click on files below.

For additional course information, see the links to the right of the Program of Study list.

Agriculture Food &
Natural Resources

  • Animal Science
  • Applied Agricultural Engineering
  • Plant Science

Architecture &

  • Carpentry

Arts, A/V
Technology &

  • Design & Multimedia Arts
  • Digital Communications

Business, Marketing
& Finance

  • Business Management

Education &

  • Teaching & Training

Health Science

  • Healthcare Diagnostics

Hospitality &

  • Culinary Arts

Law & Public

  • Law Enforcement


  • Advanced Machinery & Mechanics (Robotics)

Pathway Information Sheets