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Message from the Principal

June 12, 2020

HHS Seniors and Parents,

I want to thank you all for a successful 2019-2020 school year. Thank you for all of your support this year!

We will continue with our graduation plans on June 27th at 4:00 pm in Beaumont; however, due to current Texas Education Agency (TEA) restrictions, we will not be allowed to have an indoor ceremony.

We are fortunate that Ford Park has a pavilion next door to the coliseum that is available for us to use. This will allow for us to maintain the exact graduation plan that has been in place. We will not be required to change the date or time of the ceremony nor interrupt family planned graduation celebrations following the ceremony.

Also, due to TEA and government guidelines, we will have to ensure social distancing measures for the ceremony. Ford Park Pavilion is large enough to allow each graduate 13 guests. The pavilion has a large covered area (very similar to The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands) where the graduates will sit. Out of the 13 guests, three guests will be given tickets for assigned seating in the covered area while the remaining ten will be issued tickets to sit in the uncovered area. Thankfully, Ford Park Pavilion is large enough to host this many individuals under the current restrictions. For comparison purposes, if we were to host graduation at Falcon Stadium, each graduate would be limited to only 2-3 guests.

Additionally, we will be streaming the graduation ceremony live so that family and friends who cannot attend the ceremony will be able to watch.

Next Thursday, we will have a senior packet pick-up scheduled from 2:00-4:00 pm in the bus loop between HHS and HMS. It is critical that every senior picks up their packet during this time. If the student cannot attend, a parent may pick the packet up instead. The packets will include important information pertaining to graduation along with the 13 graduation tickets. We will send out a reminder at the beginning of next week with more information.

June 11, 2020

Dear HHS Parents,

You can now access your child’s 2019-2020 report card through the Tyler Parent Portal.  Please see the attached directions for accessing the report card.  If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thank you for a great school year and have a great summer!

Directions for Accessing Report Card in Tyler (1).pdf 

May 20, 2020


HHS Seniors and Parents,


I want to thank all of our students for working so hard on getting their assignments turned in this week in preparation for the progress report and class rank calculations. We have seen an increase in student activity which is greatly appreciated.


After the governor’s speech yesterday, we reached out to our prom venue to seek clarification on requirements for having prom. According to the information we received, the venue would have to limit us to 250 individuals, would require that everyone wear a mask, and we would have to maintain a six-foot distance from each other. As you can imagine, these requirements would make for a less than favorable prom atmosphere. As a result of the given circumstances, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we will be canceling prom this year. This is a decision that, although many expected, we had hoped to not have to make.


On a brighter note, we are extremely excited to announce that we will have our HHS Senior Sunset on Thursday, May 28th at Falcon Stadium. We value the friendships that our seniors have with one another and also recognize the opportunities that have unexpectedly been taken away from them by the pandemic. Our goal for this event is to provide our seniors a night of fellowship and an additional moment to build memories with each other. Our senior class officers will be sending out specific information soon (including the times). We hope that all of our seniors will be able to join us for this fun and exciting evening!


While this email probably brings a bag of mixed emotions with it, I cannot express to you enough how much we value our seniors and how incredibly proud we are of them. Although we have been forced to make some tough decisions throughout this process, we have made every effort possible to consider their perspective. I hope that all of our seniors truly understand the positive impact they have made on our school and community.


Thank you for your continued support and understanding.





May 15, 2020


HHS Students and Parents

We would like to remind our students and parents that next Wednesday, May 20th is grade cutoff for the last progress report. Grades will be posted Friday for the last progress report of the school year. It is critical that all of our students complete all assigned assignments for the fourth nine weeks so that their grade is a true reflection of their academic performance. If you are having difficulties with completing your assignments, please reach out to your teacher now, do not wait until Wednesday.


We have received some questions about whether or not a student needs to pass all of their electives or not. The answer to this question varies from course to course and from student to student. It all depends on state requirements, graduation plans, and graduation endorsements. With that said, the most important thing for our students to realize is that, even if the class is not needed, all class grades are reflected on your transcript. Transcripts are used for college acceptance, trade schools, scholarships, etc. and although the class may not be required, a failing grade on the transcript can be detrimental depending on the circumstances. In order for your transcript to reflect all of the hard work and dedication of our students, it is vital that all courses be given equal attention and that all assignments are completed. As a reminder, in order for a student’s fourth nine-week average to not be lower than four points of their third nine week’s grade, students must complete all assignments.

We are only just a couple of weeks from the end of the semester and we are extremely proud of how hard everyone has been working. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you need any help with your classes, please communicate with your teachers.


Keep up the awesome work!

May 5, 2020

HHS Seniors and Parents:

After reviewing Governor Abbott's announcement today, Huffman ISD has decided to continue with our plan for a traditional graduation at Ford Park on June 27th. To hold an open air graduation under the governor's restrictions, we would be forced to severely limit the number of guests each student could bring. We value the fact that our graduation ceremonies are community events, and to dramatically limit the number of spectators at our graduation would not be fair to our deserving seniors and their families.

Thank you for your continued support!


May 1, 2020

HHS Seniors and Parents,

Due to the current statewide restrictions enacted by Governor Abbott’s executive orders, we will, unfortunately, have to make changes to our May 30th graduation ceremony plans. The May 30th ceremony date has been canceled.

We will instead hold our traditional graduation ceremony on Saturday, June 27th, still at Ford Park in Beaumont, at 4:00 PM.

We are happy to report that we will still host the 2020 prom as planned for our seniors at the Chateau Cocomar, but with a change in date to Friday, June 19th. Ms. Pack will be sending out information soon with more details.

As we prepare for both events, we will continue to monitor the orders and guidance issued by the CDC, Governor Abbott, and both Harris County and Jefferson County (Beaumont) officials so that we can ensure that we are able to move forward with these events, and that we do so in the safest manner possible. 


April 13, 2020

HHS Senior Students and Parents

As I have stated many times, the class of 2020 means the world to me and I have an enormous amount of appreciation for how well they have represented our school and community throughout their time in Huffman ISD. We are proud of our students and parents for reaching the incredible milestone of high school graduation and in order to celebrate, we have some new dates for everyone.

·       Cap and Gown Pick-up: Tuesday, April 21st from 9:00-12:00 in the Hargrave High School parking lot. If you have not ordered your cap and gown, and do so by April 20th at Balfour.com, they will deliver it on the 21st to you. If you do not order online, Balfour will have a limited number of caps and gowns available to sell on April 21st; however, they will only accept exact cash purchases of $65.

·       Graduation Dates:

o   Option 1: Saturday, May 30th at 4:00 PM at Ford Park in Beaumont

o   Option 2 (if needed): Saturday, June 27th at 4:00 PM at Ford Park in Beaumont

·       Prom: Friday, June 19th at Chateau Cocomar

o   More information will be sent out at a later time.

I am excited to be able to post these event dates and I am prayerful that they will come to fruition. As with everything, these dates are subject to change. We will keep you posted on the progress of each event as we move forward.

Congratulations again Class of 2020!

April 1, 2020

HHS Parents and Students

We would like to thank you all for the progress we made this week so far. We have had a large number of students participate in their online coursework which was our number one goal. Thank you parents for ensuring that your child continues to meet the academic expectations laid out by their teachers.

A few important updates:

Grades for the 3rd nine weeks have now been posted in the parent portal for you to view. We will not be mailing home report cards during this time so it is important that you access the parent portal to view your child's 3rd nine weeks' grades. CLICK HERE if you need help accessing the parent portal.
Based on the Governor's orders yesterday, schools will remain closed until May 4th.
The HHS Prom will not be on May 1st as scheduled; however, we are working on alternative plans and will be communicating those to you as decisions are made.
At this point, no decisions have been made regarding graduation; however, we are looking into possible alternative summer dates in case it is needed. Once the alternative date has been finalized, we will communicate that to you.
The district issued close to 150 laptops Monday and have another distribution scheduled for Friday. We hope that by the end of this week that a large majority of our students that needed a laptop will have one. The district is still awaiting a shipment of hotspots so those of you that are in need of home internet, please continue to be patient as we work to get you the necessary tools for your child.  
Thank you again for your continued support!


March 27, 2020

HHS Parents and Students

On behalf of the staff of HHS, thank you for your patience and understanding this week as we rolled out Phase One of becoming a remote learning campus. We greatly appreciate all of your support and encouragement. I apologize for the long email; however, we have a lot happening next week at HHS from an instructional perspective.

During Phase One (this week) we were able to assess the needs of our teachers and students. We worked to develop plans for individuals without technology and we had the ability to provide training for our teachers in order to enhance the online academic experience for our students. This week was very productive and we were able to digitally connect with the majority of our students which was a critical step in this process. 

If your child does not have the ability to connect digitally, please know that the district plans to begin passing out laptops next week. As you can imagine, internet hot spots are in high demand. Although we have some hot spots in the district, there may be a delay in meeting the needs of all of our students until the district's new hot spots arrive. We will be communicating next week our finalized plan for those students that do not have internet access.

Next week HHS will transition into Phase Two of our Transition Plan. On Monday, teachers will post a “Week at a Glance” for their classes. These postings will include all assignments, expectations, and resources needed for the week. It will also include their daily conference times so that you know when they will be hyper monitoring their emails, making phone calls, and if needed, hosting online conferences. Conference times are designated for teachers to address individual needs.

In order for us to provide you the most efficient and effective communication, all teachers have created a course tab on their teacher websites. It will be important for you to go to each of your child’s teacher’s websites and subscribe to your child’s course page if you would like to receive the “Week at a Glance” for that teacher. By subscribing, you will be notified anytime a teacher makes a change to their course website which allows you to choose who you would like to receive emails from. Each Monday, when a teacher adds their “Week at a Glance” to their course page, all subscribers will be notified. We hope that this will help make your home organization more efficient. CLICK HERE for the HHS Staff Websites.

We have also created some additional helpful documents to help you streamline all of this information at home: Teacher Learning Platforms and AP/DC Instructional Schedule (this is to help meet the expectations of the College Board and the college).      

Lastly, the third nine weeks ends Monday (3/30). Our current plan is to have the finalized grades posted to the parent portal Thursday of next week. We will utilize the parent portal for parents to view their child’s nine week’s grades. 

Thank you again for your continued encouragement and support. We wish you all the best of health!

March 25, 2020

HHS Students and Parents

Thank you for all of the support and encouragement you guys have shown our staff this week. Our community is absolutely amazing!

We would like to thank everyone that has completed the Student Technology Survey. As of this morning, we have nearly 800 responses! If you have not completed the online survey, CLICK HERE to access it. The information gained in this survey has been very beneficial in helping us create our future instructional plan.

Today beings stage two of our plan for this week. We need to ensure that we are able to digitally connect with our students and that students become more aware of how they will obtain their future assignments. Periods 1-4 will push out an assignment today through the online platform that their teacher will be using. On Thursday, periods 5-8 will send out the same for their classes. The majority of our students are very familiar with these platforms; however, there may be a few that are not. These enrichment activities will allow us to ensure that all students have the ability to connect digitally with their instructors, without the concern of being academically penalized for any mishaps. Please be looking for email communication from your child’s teacher on which platform they will utilize to deliver their assignments and activities- most teachers use either Google Classroom or It's Learning. (Our dual credit courses are the only exception to this plan as Lee College plays a major role in the decision making with these classes. Dual credit students began class Monday. They will be working on blackboard and will assume a slightly different schedule than rest of the campus will follow.)

Currently we have a population of families that do not have internet capabilities, devices, etc. that will allow for them to complete online instruction. If you are one of those individuals, you will be contacted soon so that we can provide assistance to you and/or to devise a plan to ensure that your child is equally successful in their academics.

As a helpful tool, our campus will be organizing a document to send out to our students and parents which will identify the platform that each teacher will use. This document will be sent out soon. Parents, in the meantime, you may find it valuable to have your child write down each of their teachers so that you have that for a reference, especially if you have multiple children at HHS.

We are excited about this transition and our teachers have been working tirelessly to prepare to become 100% online educators. Although COVID-19 has presented us all new challenges and obstacles, our teachers, students, parents, and community continue to demonstrate the grit that our Falcon community so proudly displays in moments like these.  

Proud Falcon Principal,

Mr. Skinner


Contact Adam Skinner askinner@huffmanisd.net