Hargrave High School

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Have a great summer!!!!

Attn Class of 2020! Time to Paint Your Spot!!

Paint your SENIOR Space

An HHS Tradition


Hargrave High School Senior Drivers...are you ready to continue a senior tradition? The Senior Class is offering the opportunity to show your Falcon spirit by painting a reserved parking space for the school year. ALL proceeds will support our 2020 senior class!


This year, senior drivers will have to opportunity to reserve their own parking spot for the whole school year. Come have fun with your friends and family to show off your Falcon spirit and pride by painting your own personal asphalt canvas in the student parking lot!


Going back to school is always full of mixed emotions. It’s the end of the summer, so it’s bittersweet for high school seniors. While many are looking forward to adulthood outside of high school, this is also the last year seniors be together with the kids they’ve grown up with.


Seniors are now selecting their own assigned parking spaces. you can create whatever school appropriate design you desire. The design will have to be approved by the administration before the painting process begins. This allows seniors to show off their personalities and let their imaginations take over. You may include your sport, school group, hobbies, college, famous quotes, slogans, or creative designs. It’s a wonderful way to start the school year with the seniors making a day of it. 


Thank you for your support of the Class of 2020!


Email your questions to:

Kandy Martin: kmartin@huffmanisd.net

Karen Pack: kpack@huffmanisd.net