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Change in Meal Pickup Schedule beginning March 30

Good afternoon!

We are making changes to meal pickup schedules beginning tomorrow, March 30.  Grab-n-Go breakfast and lunch meals will be picked up once per day, from 11:00 - 1:00, Monday-Friday.  Our pickup location remains the same at the back of HES.  This keeps parents from having to get out twice in one day.

The Houston Food Bank will be making their food delivery on Friday this week instead of Thursday.  This food may be picked up Friday, also from 11:00 - 1:00, and is open to all Huffman community members in need of assistance.  The pickup location remains the same at the front of HES.  The Houston Food Bank is delivering the food they have each week in their inventory.  Unfortunately, their inventory is running low because of the needs in the Houston area. We are grateful for what they are able to send our way.

The Huffman Food Pantry, located at Huffman First Baptist Church, is closed until April 3.  They are another source of food for our community.  They need donations.  You may go to their website or Facebook page to see what their specific food donation needs are.
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Foster Parent's Night Out-The Anchor Project

We know that you are busy and a little tired, so we want to thank you for what you are doing for the community by giving you a night away. This is an opportunity for foster parents to enjoy a night out, shopping trip or a few hours of rest while your biological, adopted or foster children are being cared for.
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Be The Change Week (November 11th-15th)

Promoting positivity, compassion, and kindness!
The Be the Change movement was started to inspire others to STOP the negativity. STOP judging others. STOP hurting others. STOP making people feel less. START giving people the benefit of the doubt.START lifting people up.
START spreading kindness like it's about to run out! Drown out the negativity with POSITIVITY! Be the force of positive change in the world!
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School Cancelled Monday, September 23rd

Due to the ongoing impact to our community, roadways and facilities Huffman ISD is cancelling classes for all students for Monday September 23rd. We hope that this additional day will help our community continue to recover and prepare to resume classes on Tuesday.
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