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Have a great summer!!!!
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Recap Quiz

This week the students will have a recap quiz over the information they have learned throughout the year. They will have 3 attempts to take the quiz and I will take the highest score. 
Have a great week! 

Human life and culture with and without cellphones

Students new assignment has been posted in it's learning. 
They will be learning about the history of the cellphone and how it has changed the world. They will be discussing how it has affected us as a society and changed the social and cultural aspects of  human life. 

Arctic culture and Peer reviews

Hey Y'all this week we have a video to watch 
and an assignment called Arctic, culture and climate change to do. 
Please watch the video announcement on It's learning as it explains the peer review for last weeks assignment! 
Have great week and let me know if you have question!!. 

Historian News Report

Chose from one of the following years and create a journal report over a signigicant even that has happened in that year. The Report can either be a written news article or you can do a video like youre a news broadcasting journalist. This will be your only assignement for the week (no journal this week) it will be a bit longer than your other assingments. The years you can choose from are: 








In your News report you must have these elements to get full credit: 

1. What event took place? You must go into detail about what happened. 

2. Where the even took place? 

3. who is directly affected?

4. How this can impacked the world?

5. Why is the event significant? 

When you are looking up these event, DO NOT use wikipedia as this is not a credible source. You must make sure to pull as much information as possible. Remeber that when you are documenting a historical event, you must be able to give a good understanding of what is going on and be able to explain how it is significant. 

If you are doing the written journal article, it must be a minimum of 350 words to about 650 words. I know that this seems like a lot of writing but i promise you, with enough information to give it is easy to meet that number. For those of you that tend to write a lot, try not to go over 700 words. DONT BE REPETITIVE. 

If you are doing a Video News report, it must include all the information asked in detail and be at least 5 mintues long speaking at normal speed. 


for both written and Video new reports you must turn in a written workcited in MLA or APA format. This will show me where you get your information. Remeber, no wikipedia. 

You can use any of the free online sourcing sites such as: 




Make sure that you read and comment with at least 60 words to two of your peers. this assignment will be worth two grades. 

Good Luck and make it fun! Please before doing the assignment watch my video post. 

Mr. A 

Week 3 assignments

Week 3 assignments have been posted for the students in it's learning. 
- journal 3 
- country visit
they will be due by the end of the week. 

week 2

Hey everyone. Week 2 assignments have been posted in Its learning. The topics are: 
1. Italy culture and economics 
2. Journal week 2 
3. In case you get bored 
Please let me know if you have any questions. Remember to sign up for the remind to communicate quickly with me. Let me know if there are any questions.