Hargrave High School

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HHS Library Frequently Asked Questions
How many books can I check out at a time?
How Long can I keep my books?
Students may keep their books for 2 weeks.  if you need them longer, come by and renew them, or renew them online through Destiny(you can find this on the HHS Library site).  Login with your student login, go to "My Info."  You will see a list of books you have checked out and a button to click for a one-time (two week) renewal. 
What is the fine for a late book?
The fine is 10 cents a day per book.  The max fine is $2.00 for overdue books.
Can I check out a student laptop? How long can I keep it?
Student laptops are available for a 7 day check out.  You must log into the laptop before leaving school or it will not work at home.
What if I don't have Wifi at home?
There are a few Wifi Hotspots available for check out.  It gets checked out and turned in with your laptop.
May I come to the library during school hours?
Yes, of course.  You need to obtain a pass from your teacher, and sign in when you get to the library.  Your pass is only valid for that class.  If you need to come back, go to your next class and ask for another pass to return.  
Is there a fee for printing?
Yes.  The first 10 black and white copies are free.  Color copies are 25 cents a piece. Make sure to do a print preview to save you money and not be wasteful.