Hargrave High School

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Books and Reading

What should I read next?
Defend your First Amendment
...Read a YA Banned Book
Read Before You Watch!

  "Developing a new generation of literate men." 
Jon Scieszka--Enough Said!
Texas Maverick Graphic Novel
Reading List
Printz Award-Annual award given to best book for teens.
  Book buzz, for girlz! 
Teen Booklist that has been around before the internet was cool!
YA list that highlights Texas authors.

YA List for for Texas teens, like Texas Bluebonnet list, but for big kids!
  Magazine, website and books written by teens.
  Info and features on favorite authors, books, series and characters.  
Morris Award-YA Debut award given to a first time author writing for teens.
Stay up to date on what is new in YA. 
Provide great resources for teens.