Hargrave High School

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Have a great summer!!!!


  • CAP (Credit Recovery - Edgenuity) Periods: 1 - 8
  • TSI Prep - Edgenuity - Periods: 2 - 6, 8 (teacher of record - JoAnne Taylor on student schedule)
  • Virtual Lab/DC - Periods 4, 5
Student Expectations for CAP Classes:
During this unusual time it is NECESSARY for you all to continue to work on your courses DAILY.  For some of you completion is REQUIRED for the 2020 graduation year and for others these courses are required to receive the correct number of credits to eventually graduate.
I will be monitoring your progress in Edgenuity as usual and you can contact me through the email provided in the Edgenuity program or at: dyoung@huffmanisd.net.
Student Expectations for TSI Prep Classes: 
Course completion is REQUIRED in order to receive credit for this class.  This is expected even if you have already taken part of the TSI Test or if you were planning to take the TSI Test this school year and are unable to.
Student Expectations for Virtual Lab/DC Classes: 
You must log into Lee College daily and keep in contact with your Professors.