Hargrave High School

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Have a great summer!!!!


Students and Parents,
I hope all of you are excited to finish out the 2020 school year.
The teachers as well as the students have high expectations to succeed in academics, athletics, relationships, extra curricular activities, and many other personal endeavors.

Here is my Schedule:
1st- Athletics
2nd- ENV SCI
3rd- ENV SCI
4th- DAEP
5th- DAEP
6th- Aquatics
7th- Conference
8th- Athletics
To join my online courses in Google Classroom:
ENVR Science code: 5yfaoof
Aquatics: fqxsudx
You may contact me on here if you have any questions as we navigate online courses together.
My conference period will be mornings from 8-10am.
I will be immediately available for a response should you need anything then. 
Coach DeBerry