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Have a great summer!!!!


Its Learning has been updated.  You should be able to click on the assignment that says completed cards to submit your proof.  If that still doesn't work, just email me at gsimpson@huffmanisd.net.



WAG June 1

Well you made it to the end.  I miss being able to tell you all goodbye.  I hope you have a great summer and I will see you next year.  Please have all assignments in before noon tomorrow.  There is a short optional assignment for this week.  
I have dropped the lowest grades to bring the total to 8.  Check your average.  If no more assignments are submitted, this is the grade that will be posted to the gradebook for the nine weeks and semester.

WAG 5-26

Well, you made it.  This would be the time we are wrapping up and getting ready for finals.  Some of you have started your summer plans already with our distance learning time, but I want to know your plans.  Complete the Summer Bucket List PowerPoint an share your plans with the class. 

WAG May 18

Hello all.  I hope you are still doing well.  Progress report grades go in this Wednesday at noon.  Please make sure that you check the grade portal for any missing assignments.  I will grade them as soon as I can.
For this week, Anatomy will read a New York Times article and answer the accompanying questions.  Play with the slider graph to manipulate possible outcomes.
For Principles, Child Development and the Education and Training classes, you will do a little research on childhood trauma.  The assignment is posted in Its Learning.  Insert a textbox in the pdf to submit your answers.  You can always attach the answers to an email to gsimpson@huffmanisd.net
Stay safe out there.  We are ending the year in an odd way, but you are almost there.  Keep up the good work.
Ms. Simpson

Week at a Glance 5-11

This week is simple.  Every year we do an end of the year survey for students.  Your assignment this week is to complete the survey.  You only need to take it once, if you happen to have more than one CTE course. 
If you are still missing any assignments, this is the week to get caught up.  Progress reports are coming up again soon.

Week at a Glance - May 4

This week you will have two assignments.  First open the Virus PowerPoint. As you read through the presentation, answer the worksheet questions.    Next, watch the Crash Course videos and answer the questions.
Principles, Child Development and Instructional Practices
This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  Use Wordle to create a word cloud about a teacher  that you appreciate.  This can be a current or past teacher. Detailed instruction are on Its Learning. 

Week at a Glance April 27

We will start a unit on the Immune System.  You will watch a Crash Course video and answer the corresponding questions.  Next you will read the article about Jonas Salk and his work on the Polio vaccine and answer questions about that time in history.
Instructional Practices and Practicum
Using Google Slides or PowerPoint, design an interactive bulletin board to teach students about something (ex. caring for a pet, washing hands, taking turns, 4 seasons, World War II, Mitosis, or anything else you can think of) get creative. Include links to videos, articles, or games in your slide/s.
Child Development
One worry commonly voiced by parents during this time of physical distancing, is a lack of socialization time for their younger children.  Watch the news clip.  Answer the short answer questions.
Principles of Education and Training
Do you think boys and girls are treated differently at school? Read the article and write a response (minimum of 150 words) about your own experiences. Provide textual evidence from the article to support your point of view.

Week at a Glance - April 20

I hope everyone is doing well.  If you are having issues with any assignments, please email me at gsimpson@huffmanisd.net.  No grades are set in stone, so don't fret.  We will work through this together.
The lab for last week was located in the PowerPoint.  This was missed by most of you.  Review the PowerPoint and complete the digestion lab.  Send in the slide verifying your completion of the lab and your thoughts about the lab.
Principles of Education and Training
I will finish reading the completed stories today.  The ones that I have read are great.  Thanks for you hard work on this assignment.
This week watch the video about designing a school and write a reflective essay.  The link to the video and the essay assignment are posted in Its Learning.
Child Development
This is a tough time for many parents and children.  Research ways to cope with anxiety and/or self-care during this time of physical distancing.  Create an infographic using this information.  The infographic is just one slide that includes the information, pictures and sources.
Practicum and Instructional Practices
Create a picture or short video that your field site teacher can send to your field site students.  Keep it positive.  If you need ideas, watch the videos posted by the schools.  They are on Facebook.

Welcome back

I hope that you were able to enjoy your spring break even though your plans may have been changed for you.  I will be utilizing ItsLearning for instruction as our online platform.  Most of you have used this in my classes or another.  
We must remember to be patient with each other through this transition time.  I will respond as soon as I can to any questions you may have.  We are more than able to survive and thrive through this.  
Missing your faces and hoping to see them soon.
Ms. Simpson