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Have a great summer!!!!
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Parents and Cadets; I would like to welcome you to the Hargrave High School JROTC Falcon Battalion. Below are the (3) cornerstone priorities we will build on to grow the best and brightest Cadets in the program. The program is challenging; but most of all your Cadet will leave the program a better citizen and a winner in life.

Priority #1: Develop Leaders

 Our will to prepare is as important as our will to win in life. Prepare adaptive Leaders and Cadets who are flexible enough to adjust to a changing environment and think about solving tough problems to win in Life.

Priority #2: Build the Team

 To whom much is given much is expected. Develop a deep personal interest and commitment to our Cadets. Being the program of choice is about consistently producing the right results through disciplined Cadets, efficient and effective processes, comprehensive training, strong leadership, and effective decision making.

Priority #3: Relationships

Relationships Matter: It is about building and growing our Cadets and professional family. Live with respect, honor all, and celebrate with class.