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Roger Watson » Introduction Mr. Roger Watson Const. Tech and Ag Const. Instructor

Introduction Mr. Roger Watson Const. Tech and Ag Const. Instructor

Welcome to Construction Technology Hargrave HS and Ag Construction Huffman MS.
I am Roger Watson instructor teaching the various construction courses offered at the high school and middle school. The Const. Tech courses taught at the high school are designed to expose students to the various aspects of construction found in the field of construction. Ag Const. is designed to expose students to the construction needs used in the field of Agriculture and this course is a path to FFA involvement. Safety practice is stressed, proper tool and equipment usage  is taught, and problem solving will be used during activities and project construction.
Construction Career Path Endorsement courses offered at high school:
Principles of Construction: First course in the Construction Career path focusing on safety, tool and equipment usage, problem solving, and aspects of the construction field. Hands-on work is incorporated.
Construction Technology I: Skills and knowledge learned during the Principle of Construction are enhanced with more aspects of the construction covered. Individual selected projects encouraged.
Construction Technology II: Advanced Instruction and problem solving learning related to more aspect of construction and preparation for the Practicum course.
Practicum: Independent/Individualized work designed for students to demonstration skills and knowledge learned during the Construction Career Path.
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Roger Watson
Construction Technology and Ag Construction Instructor