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Credit Recovery

Instructions for CAP Login
Login website:
Use the student portal and click on the “Edgenuity” tile
Must log in using the student portal tiles even when working from a home
computer or a cell phone.

Credit Recovery Course
A course you have taken and did not pass

When taking the pretest for each lesson you must make an 80% or above to exempt the lessons.  Anything other than a “Pretest” the grade can be a 70%.  If you fail a pretest you must go through the lessons and then retake the quiz and make a 70%.

Initial Credit Course
A course you have not taken before

You must complete all lessons and watch/listen to all videos.  You must have a minimum grade of 70% on all quizzes, tests, and exams.  All assignments, quizzes, tests, and exams count toward your grade.

The following applies to all courses, recovery or initial:

  • Allowed to open additional tabs to look up information to help answer questions, whether it is a lesson, quiz, test, or exam (call it research).
  • When taking any quiz, test, or exam and you need to stop, be certain that you answer the question on the screen (or click on a question that you have already answered) and then click the “Save and Exit” button. You will use one of your retake options and if it is a pretest, you will lose the opportunity to exempt the lesson if you do not save correctly.
  • If in class with me I will check quizzes, tests, and exams and let you know if you are passing before you submit. If not in class, PLEASE double check your answers before submitting so you have a better chance of passing!

If you have any questions about Edgenuity please contact: