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Gifted and Talented Education Program

Students new to the district may be may be assessed for identification into the program for the gifted and talented in the fall of each school year.  Students are measured for eligibility through an assessment process, and a selection committee evaluates each nominated student. Students may be nominated for the gifted and talented program by teachers, counselors, parents, or other interested persons in the spring of each school year. Students are measured for eligibility through an assessment process and a selection committee evaluates each nominated student.

The high school has open enrollment for pre-AP, and AP courses offered for graduation. These courses are designed for post secondary readiness. Open enrollment means that there is no gifted and talented screening prior to admission into the advanced classes at the high school level.  Students and parents may opt to participate in advanced classes during our course selection process, as well as the beginning of each school year, during the scheduling process. 

In response to the anticipated growth by the Texas Workforce Commission and the increased demand for Aggie Engineers, the Dwight Look College of Engineering has created the Texas A&M Engineering Academy in partnership with Texas A&M University and two-year institutions (Currently: Blinn Brenham & Bryan, and one Houston Community College location). This will become a statewide initiative, as over time, more community colleges in Texas will come aboard.

The overall goal is that if the student completes the required two-year coursework, with a certain GPA (impacted engineering majors could require a higher GPA), then the student would receive automatic admission into their intended engineering major at Texas A&M University – College Station.

The program structure is still in the works. Please continue to refer to the website for updates, or reach out to the program’s contacts. 

Texas Academy of Leadership in the Humanities (TALH) -

TALH is a two-year early college program for gifted and talented students who seek academic challenge, opportunities to build leadership skills, and expand their vantage point through community outreach and service.  The TALH program is a residential program within the academic community of Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. Many students that have graduated from TALH have continued their academic careers at some of the most prestigious universities in the country and have become leaders in their fields of study.  TALH is currently accepting applications from high school sophomores.