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Useful Links and Resources


American Red Cross Disaster Distress Helpline  

Camp L.E.A.D. 
US Naval Academy 
US Naval Academy   

ADD/ADHD Resources
ADD Resources CHADD - Children and Adults with ADHD
ADDitude - strategies and support for ADHD

Anger Resources
Controlling Anger Before it Controls You
Anger Management
Kids Matter
Managing Anger  

Bullying Awareness Guidebook
Stop Bullying
National Bullying Prevention Center
Bullying Prevention Resources
Bullying Prevention Kit
Cyber Bullying
Put a Stop to Bullying  

Dating Violence
What is Dating Violence
Teen WarningSigns of Abuse
Love is Respect
Tips for Parents  

Depression Resources
Suicide/DepressionAwareness for Students
Families for Depression Awareness
What is Depression?
Depression Disorder Resources
Free Webinars - Families for Depression Awareness  

Drug/Alcohol Resources
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Foundation for a Drug-Free World
Drug and Alcohol Education Links
Drug Fact Sheets
Above the Influence
Council on Recovery  

Understanding Dyslexia
Know the Signs  

Eating Disorders
What are Eating Disorders
National Eating Disorders
Mayo Clinic
Signs of an Eating Disorder  

Emotional Health
Be Your Best Self Practicing Gratitude  

Grief and Loss
Help Guide
Coping with Grief
UT Health - Types of Grief
Coping with the Loss of a Loved One
Helping Teenagers Cope with Grief
What is Grief?  

Healthy Eating
Healthy Eating for a Healthy Weight
Eating Well
Getting Healthy  

Making Friends
How to Make Friends
Friendship Skills
Benefits of Friendship  

Student Athletes (College Help)  

Runaway Resources
National Runaway Safeline
Safe Place
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Empowering Parents  

Stress and Anxiety  
35 Awesome Stress Management Resources
Mayo Clinic Stress Basics
10 Techniques to Zap Stress
Relaxation Techniques  

Suicide Resources
Suicide Prevention
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Resources for Immediate Help Texas Suicide Prevention
The Jason Foundation
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention - Handling Special Occasions  

Tobacco Resources
Facts About Tobacco
Quit Smoking Resources
Quit Now