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Chess Club



Welcome to Hargrave High School Falcon Chess Club!  Our purpose is to enjoy playing the game with others, improve game strategy, and teach those who have an interest in chess.  Whether you are an advanced player or just beginning, Hargrave High School Falcon Chess Club is happy to have you join. Chess is an educational tool aiding in the learning of planning, cause and effect relationships, pattern recognition, and research, all key skills for success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) as per the USCF. Chess is a historic and iconic game, and we celebrate its history, growth, and evolution in our activities and services. The USCF (United States Chess Federation) rules and regulations will be followed at all times. Good sportsmanship and manners are expected at all times. Meetings are held Wednesday afternoons in Room B223, from 3-4 p.m. Please bring a chess set with you if you have one to share. The first informational meeting - to be announced soon. Hope to see you there!

Hargrave High School Falcon Chess Club

Hello!  I am Miss Braley and I am excited to be the Hargrave High School Falcon Chess Club Sponsor again this year. I have taught social studies since 2002 and played chess for many years.  Even though I live in "Longhorn" country, I love being a Falcon!  As a Falcon, I have sponsored Chess Club at Huffman Middle School for five years, and coached Chess & Social Studies UIL as part of the annual academic competition. This is my fifth year sponsoring the Falcon Chess Club at Hargrave High School, and I have enjoyed every minute. Any student is welcome who has an interest in one of the oldest games in the world.  My goal is to continue to make HHS Falcon Chess Club into an organization that is second to none, and provide a place for all Falcons to "nest" and enjoy spending time with others who share the same love for the game.

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